Strengthening Relationships

StrengthsQuest can improve and deepen your relationships by helping you see and appreciate others' talents.

Who are the people who are most important to you?

You have many relationships in your life as a student: with parents, teachers, professors, siblings, roommates, friends, teammates, and others. But in all your relationships, who encourages you to be your best? Viewing your relationships through the lens of strengths can give you a new perspective on how you relate to the people in your life.

If you knew your roommate craves social interaction, how would that change how you interact with her? If you understood that your brother revels in planning and details matter to him, how would that change how you schedule activities with him?

Understanding the talents of the people in your life can give you a deeper appreciation of how they view the world -- and what they need from you.

Do you know the talents of the people you have a close relationship with? And do they know your talents?

Send them your Signature Theme report by e-mail and start a conversation about your talents with those close to you.

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