Activator: Fire-starter with the need to turn impatience into action.

Adaptability: The keen ability to go with the flow and roll with change; living in the present and discovering the future one day at a time.

Analytical: The need to search for a reason and cause while thinking of all factors affecting a situation.

Deliberative: Assessing all obstacles before making a decision essentially risk-management.

Developer: The aptitude to recognize potential and talents in others while assisting in the cultivation of these potentials.

Discipline: Creating order to relish in routine and structure; change does not come easy.

Empathy: Keenly sensing the feelings of others with the capacity to “walk in their shoes.”

Focus: Prioritizing first and then acting. The love of staying on track.

Futuristic: The ability to create vision and be constantly inspired by possibilities.

Harmony: Striving for consensus to keep the peace and negotiating between sides.

Ideation: Fascination from ideas while being able to multiply ideas quickly.

Includer: Always accepting others and aware of those who are left out with the purpose of including them.

Individualization: Flourishing in recognizing characteristics about each person including how they can all function productively.

Input: Knowing tidbits about a lot of topics due to a craving to know more while also collecting and archiving all kinds of information.

Intellection: The need to reflect and use introspection; constantly enjoying existential conversations.

Maximizer: The ability to take things from good to great and focus on stimulating personal and group excellence.

Responsibility: Committed to projects with an intrinsic ownership driven by values such as loyalty and honesty.

Self-Assurance: High levels of confidence by means of an inner compass which also allows them to be assured in managing their own lives.

Significance: Striving for independence and relish in being important in the eyes of others.

Woo: Winning others over and connecting with others.

Achiever: Very driven and motivated while finding a great deal of satisfaction from being productive and busy.

Arranger: Having the ability to maximize productivity by organizing all of its pieces and resources.

Command: The presence to be heard and ability to take control of a situation to make decisions.

Belief: Unchanging core values producing a defined meaning and purpose for life.

Communication: Effectively putting thoughts into words with a natural ease presenting and conversing with others.

Consistency: The need to treat all people equally in addition to keeping a consistent schedule and/or structure.

Learner: Obtaining a great desire to learn sometimes with the purpose to continually improve. Excitement stems more from the process of learning rather than outcome.

Competition: Striving to win first place in all things as they constantly measure their progress with others.

Context: To enjoy studying the history in order to arrive at the present and make changes for the future. Thrives in knowing who what when why and how.

Relator: Enjoying close relationships with others, especially when working diligently to achieve a goal.

Connectedness: The ability to see connections between all things believing everything happens for a reason.

Strategic: The ability to see multiple ways to maneuver around a situation to proceed while easily spotting patterns and issues.

Restorative: Drawn to problems with the intent to find solutions and resolve the issues.

Positivity: Contagious enthusiasm by upbeat attitudes, while always seeing the glass half full.

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